Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Brain

So I was trying to thinking of a creative name for this post or a cute story to share and I've got nothing. I thought I was starting to recover from "Baby Brain" because lately I can at least remember my name and don't long for a nap all day but apparently it is still in full swing. So here's an update on the kids and some cute pics, sorry I'm not more entertaining :)

Parker and McKenna are both turning into great little talkers. McKenna is putting three and four words together and starting to sing songs in the sweetest little voice and Parker, ever the performer, will say anything you ask him too. They are also signing like crazy, the "Baby Signing Time" videos have been the best thing we ever purchased! They are into everything, every time I think the house is completely baby-proofed they find one more thing. And they fight... face-grabbing, hair pulling, no sharing fights. I thought they would just be sweet and loving to each other forever! They are still sweet and loving but just have there moments, lots of them.

Sawyer is almost 3 month old already and is the cutest little guy. All of the kids love him to pieces, I don't think he is ever alone for a second. Someone is always trying to touch him, kiss him, feed him Cheerios or sit on his lap :). He looks so much like his siblings. I can't wait to watch him grow up but am in no hurry, I LOVE babies and since this is our last I'm cherishing every moment.

Ashlyn starts 8th grade in less than two weeks. I truly can't believe she is so old. She has been a great helper around the house this month and I will miss the extra set of hands when she goes back to school. She also started soccer on Tuesday and loves it. Special Olympics puts on an amazing soccer program and they make all of the practices and games such a great experience for the players. I have always loved the organization but now that Ashlyn is participating see first hand what amazing work they do. So if you are ever looking for a place to donate time or money Special Olympics would be my pick!!

Silly smile from McKenna

Handsome man

The many faces of McKenna, look at her in each of these pics...

He's moving so fast I have no idea what's in his hands

Uncle Keith and the kids (this one is for you, my little blog follower, Gracie)
Daddy and his little ones

And an attitude shot before we go

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A few pics

Here are a few recent pics of the kids. They are all getting so big and keeping us very busy thus the very short post...

My little Sawyer

Spaghetti! Notice my little bruiser, he fell on the stairs and ended up in Urgent Care... boys!

Ms. Princess loving the camera

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Signing and Dancing

I have been terrible at keeping up the blog lately and the cute videos are stacking up. Here are two of Parker. He is such a little sweetie and NEVER stops moving. The first one is of him showing off his signs and the second is his dance moves (I think he gets those from Daddy). Oh and please ignore the messy house in the background... keeping up with all of these kids and cleaning is not happening!

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