Every Friday I feature a blogger who may have struggled a little, or a lot, but keeps on trucking.

If you have experienced any type of trial whether it be loss or infertility or illness or have made it through divorce or a high risk pregnancy or are raising a special needs child or if you have done something crazy like trained for a marathon while taking care of 10 kids or had a baby when everyone said you were too young or too old I want to hear about it.  I have no formal list of what qualifies so if you feel like you made it or you are still making it let me know.

My goal is to connect bloggers to other bloggers who might see a glimpse of themselves and know that they will be all right.  Plus there is nothing like new followers who walk the same walk and a new button too.

Here's the rules:

-Send me a blog post that screams YOU.  The post does not have to tell the story of your struggles, in fact, I would rather it not.  Just share something that you are proud of or that gives readers a feel for your blog.

-Email a direct link to the post you would like featured and include a description of your struggle/feat,/obstacle/magical powers in the body of the email.  Send it to fourplusanangel@gmail.com and I will feature someone new each Friday.

Oh and I know what you are thinking, if you are wrestling with that uncomfortable feeling of patting yourself on the back, look at it like you are sharing your I-made-it-through-so-you-can-too story with someone who just might need to hear it or if you feel like you are not quite comfortable calling yourself an expert yet, that is okay too.  I guarantee there is someone out there feeling like they are ten steps behind where you are right now.

Hope to hear from you!
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