Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We took the little ones for a fall photo shoot this weekend. We basically just chased them, kept the baby happy and took a zillion pictures, hoping we would get lucky with a few good ones. For some reason two year olds are not into sitting still and posing! Here are some of my favorites...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Smarty pants

Ms. McKenna is turning into quite a smarty pants. Parker tries to repeat after us when we are telling him things but she usually stays quiet. Well apparently she has been taking it all in so she can spill it on her own terms... such a girl! Lately while she is playing I will hear her counting, saying her ABCs or singing a song without any prompting, it is so sweet. Being the little sponge that she is she has also belted out some choice phrases when we least expect it as well :) I finally got some of her singing on video today. Sorry for the shaky camera work, they like to see themselves while I am taping so they were turning the screen around over and over while I held the camera. I'm amazed it survived the video!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!


2lb. 10oz. at birth

McKenna is definitely our little princess. She is a girly girl, loves to wear cute clothes and have everyone tell her how pretty she looks. She already has quite the attitude which Daddy says she gets from her mom :). McKenna loves playing with babies and stuffed animals, reading books and getting into trouble with her brother. She can say anything now and talks in sentences, we are amazed at the things that come out of her mouth. She loves singing and can almost sing the whole alphabet and can count to 10 with help. She is definitely a mommy's girl but has Daddy wrapped around her finger.
Such an amazing little person, we are so lucky to have you. Happy Birthday little girl!


1lb. 14oz. at birth

Our handsome little man, Parker is something else. He is full of energy and hasn't stopped moving since the day he was born. He has a personality that keeps everyone smiling and can find trouble faster than any two year old I have ever seen. He is a little cuddler and loves his brother and sisters. Parker is turning into a great little talker too. He repeats everything we say and just started putting words together... I can only imagine the things that are going to come out of this one's mouth! He LOVES airplanes and anything that goes. Parker is Daddy's little shadow and sticks to him like glue but loves a cuddle with Mom too. He has beaten every odd since birth and we are in awe of the little person he is turning into.
You are an amazing little man, Happy Birthday Parker, we love you!

2lb. 5oz. at birth
I wish I had all kinds of first to write about here and could tell everyone about your personality and the toddler that you have turned into. I know you are watching over all of us and we will carry you with us forever. We love and miss you every minute. Happy Birthday baby girl.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Big kid chairs

We got our new booster chairs and the food is still flying, of course, but we are much less dangerous this way! Thanks for all of the chair suggestions, we ended up with the Summer Infant Secure Comfort Foam Booster. They seem to be more comfortable than the plastic boosters, are easy to clean and best of all the kids haven't figured out how to get themselves unbuckled yet!
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