It has been three years since we lost Hadley.

I still struggle to "see" her somewhere.

She was so tiny and her life was so short that I do not have a laundry list of things to stumble upon through my days that will remind me of her.
I can only guess what would make her smile, what color she would insist on wearing or what food she would want to eat at every meal.
There isn't a song she loved that I can listen to or a favorite toy that I can trip over when her siblings leave it out.
So as I finish planning what should be her third birthday party I have found myself sifting through the small box of things that were lucky enough to be against her skin.
And know I am in need of a rainbow.

Rainbows have always been Hadley to me.

She has sent them to me on the darkest of days.

When I see one I think of Hadley and all of the other babies of the many loss mommies I have met, happy together, sending a little color to remind us that they are somewhere beautiful and we are okay.

So I have a little request... if you have a rainbow or see one soon, could you send a picture to me? I'm not sure what I am going to do with them yet but know that I want as many as I can get.

You can email me pictures to fourplusanangel@gmail.com.

Thank you
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