Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Gigglers

The kids playing with a barely inflated balloon... there is nothing like giggling babies!!!

Oh and I'm 33 weeks today too, 3 more weeks of bedrest and then we will just wait for a big, healthy baby!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Track star

I am so excited to actually have pictures of Ashlyn to post! She runs every time we get the camera out so I guess it is fitting that the only pictures we have of her are on the track. I am so proud of her, she just finished 7th grade track where she competed in shot put and the 70 and 100 meter. The girl will try anything and when she does she commits to it 100%. I am always amazed at all she is able to accomplish and the amazing person she has grown to become. Years ago, when she was first diagnosed with autism I never thought she would be going to a typical school, competing in sports AND on the honor roll every semester. If there is one thing I could say to a parent of a child newly diagnosed with autism it is that your child can reach beyond what you have been told they will become. There is always HOPE.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

32 weeks and counting

Somehow we have made it to 32 weeks. When I was in the hospital almost 5 weeks ago, I really did not think we would get much further and also couldn't imagine how we would all survive bedrest if we did. Everyone has adjusted to our temporary craziness over here and we seem to be getting through the days. It is so nice to know that all of this rest is paying off and that we may actually get to have a take home baby this time! Many thanks to everyone who has been helping us get through each day. I am determined to get to at least 34 weeks and if we get there then I will stand on my head to get to 36... whatever it takes to avoid the NICU!
Parker doing his nightly check of my tummy
Snuggling before bed... my favorite time of the day
Parker and Daddy's version of snuggling

This is totally off the subject of this post but I couldn't resist. Remember the cute kitchen we bought the kids? This is what it looks like after a few weeks in our house!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sooo cute

McKenna is at the age where she is just so cute I could eat her up. She has turned into a great little talker. In the fall she tested with a mild speech delay and I remember looking ahead to the developmental chart and reading that she should be able to say 20 words at 18 months. I thought there was no way that would happen. She has definitely proved me wrong. Now she is repeating everything and we have quickly learned to watch what we say if she is nearby! Did I mention she is sweet as can be? And yes, I am planning to save this blog entry and read it over when we are going through her wonderful teenage years. I just finished a long power struggle with my wonderful teenager and am thinking I better start searching for some of those old movies of her at her sweetest to remind me that there was a time when nice things came out of her mouth too!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Easter in May and 30 weeks

So I am finally getting around to posting our pictures from Easter weekend. How terrible is that?? You would think with all of the bed rest I would have plenty of time but I tend to just move from bed to couch with two little toddlers at my side and then spend my evenings in Ashlyn's room laying on her bed doing homework or playing games. The bedrest has been well worth it because I have finally made it to 30 weeks!! We are very happy to be at this point but hoping for as many more days or weeks as we can get. Thanks to everyone for their support and to my wonderful husband for keeping our crazy household going each day.

On to the Easter pics (no pictures of big sister Ashlyn because she was just starting to get that terrible flu bug that went through our house)...

Visiting with cousin Gracie
The little girls

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed

Pretty McKenna

Handsome Parker
Sitting with Nana (I love the look on his face!)
Waiting, so patiently, for their Easter baskets from Nana and Papa
Easter egg hunt

My favorite picture from the day

Sunday, May 3, 2009

29 weeks!

Believe it or not we have made it one more week. I am 29 weeks now, 2 days further than I was when I delivered the triplets, and feeling a little bit more hopeful that we can make it a few more weeks rather than just a few more days. I received a good report from the high risk doctor on Friday. The baby is growing well and my body is holding steady since our scare last week. Thanks so much to all of our family who helped us get through my first week of bedrest. Thanks to my parents, brothers and Aunt Sandy and Marianne for watching the kids and helping with the house and to Aunt Nancy for the great meals. We couldn't have done it without you!! We have a sitter starting this week and I'm sure all of you have been counting the days :)

On another note, the kids were starting to get bored with all of their baby toys so Daddy bought them a play kitchen this weekend. They LOVE it and have spent the whole weekend opening and shutting doors and chewing on pretend food. Thanks Daddy! Here are a few pics...
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