Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Made It

Whew, I made it through a month of posting a picture a day. It was fun to do but I'm glad the month is over and the pressure is off. I do plan to post more often than I used to but cannot do this everyday picture-taking business anymore. No Project 365 for me, Project 28 was enough. Good thing I picked a short month!

I had visions of some great family picture to post for my last day of the month post (think coordinating clothes, everyone sitting still looking at the camera, smiling). Needless to say I woke up from that dream and instead have my sure-bet-for-a-cute-picture-child to end the month with.
Thanks for visiting us everyday!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Teenager

Since today is the 27th and Ashlyn was born on the 27th, this day makes me officially one month closer to having a 15 year old. Ugh! I really cannot believe that she is growing up so fast.

I think that I was just 15.

I wanted to post a cute pic of Ashlyn today but, if you know Ashlyn, you know that she does NOT like to get her picture taken. I figured the best thing I could do for her 14 years and 7 months after she was born was to not make her pose for a picture.

She is running track for Special Olympics and loving it. I always take one or more of the little ones to her practice and they run her "cool down" lap with her. It is so sweet to watch her be a big sister. Twelve years as an only child can make for a lot of adjusting but she has done so well and secretly loves our new craziness just a little bit I think :)
Did I mention how proud I am of her?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Breakfast Entertainment

Parker was trying to climb into Sawyer's highchair when I took this. Regardless of the fact that he was about to be sat on, Sawyer thought this whole scene was hilarious.

I just love my boys.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another day another Starbucks

I have proven once again that I cannot photograph anything in motion (which is pretty much my kids all of the time). Mark is shaking his head at my batch of pictures from today. They are terrible so in order to keep up with my picture a day promise, I have to use the best of the bunch. All that matters is the moment it was capturing though, right?

We had a great visit from Papa today that included Sawyer enjoying his first laundry basket ride. My poor dad must be exhausted. They rode up and down the hall forever. Of course, they had to stop at Starbucks everytime they passed the stairs. You would think their mother took them through the drive thru Starbucks everyday, even if she didn't have anywhere else to go, just to get out of the house for five minutes.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Story Time

As I was cleaning up the millionth disaster of the day and wondering how exactly I had almost made it to bedtime with some of my sanity still remaining I turned around to see this...and I'm ready to do it all again tomorrow :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This is what happens if you tell my children not to touch the something.

They stand their with one finger on it just because you told them not too. In fact, if you tell one of them not to do it the other one usually runs over to join in the fun.

Of course, if they had touched it and we did not say anything they would have stopped and went on to destroying bigger and better things but, no, since we caught one of them touching the television and said not to, it became a fun game of who is the most stubborn in this house.

The winner of this game is always someone around the age of two.

Defiance, complete defiance.

(Yes, that is The Wiggles, a new favorite in our house.)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fingerpainting Gone Wrong

As always, my vision of a nice, quiet, organized craft did not turn out exactly how I had planned. We started out doing a handprint project and ended up with this...
It was a complete mess but did remind me of how totally different my children are. Parker spent the whole time begging me to give him the whole bottle of finger paint so that he could squeeze the entire contents onto his paper while McKenna chanted "wash the hands, wash the hands" after I had to put her hands into the paint to even get her to do anything. Ashlyn was home for the day too and did a great job of helping me try to keep some paint at least on the table.

I spent the rest of the morning trying to get the kids clean and naptime trying to get my house clean but I'm sure I will forget about the disaster soon and attempt another project.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Little Guy

I'm too tired for anything creative so will post a really cute pic to make up for it.
Could he really be any cuter?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh My Ears

Today was completely full of whining. Everyone had a runny nose and a case of the whines. To top it off there was no napping.

Nothing like a little sleep deprivation to add another level of intensity to the whining.

Thank goodness Mark was home, he took the kids out for some fresh air and they had a blast and the whining was over for a short time. Until it was time to come inside of course then their was whining with a little mix of kicking and screaming.

Here are pics from our whine-free hour (a picture from any other part of our day would not have been pretty).

Friday, February 19, 2010

New 'do

I'm not sure what was more exciting today, the fact that Ashlyn got ALL of her hair cut off and now has a super cute do or the fact that she let me take her picture. Doesn't she look cute? She did a great job getting it cut too. The hair dryer is still a no-go but as she was sitting happily in the chair I was thinking back to the days when I practically had to sit on her to get her a trim. We used to go to a very patient stylist who would let her get up, run a lap around the salon and then sit back down when she was ready.

She is definitely growing up, I'm hoping the hairstyle makes her look younger???

If it doesn't just lie to me and tell me it does :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sparkly Shoes

McKenna got a bag full of pretty shoes today. These are her favorite, pink and sparkly.

Tonight at dinner the kids were swirling noodles on their fingers while I fed Sawyer.

Parker: Wooks wike a rainbow
Me: Aww, Parker, rainbows remind me of your sister
Parker: Hadley sister
McKenna: Hadley born
Me: Yes, Hadley was born with you two
Parker: Hadley at the table
Me: I wish Hadley was at the table, she is in our hearts
McKenna: In our hearts wiff Santa Clause
Parker: Santa at Christmastime

And they went back to their spaghetti.

Our conversation was so short but warmed my heart as much as it broke it. I love to hear them talk about their sister as if she was just here yesterday but I am sad for them that they will grow up with this reality. It is sweet that Hadley is next to Santa Clause in their hearts but she should be at the dinner table.

I wish they did not have to grow up knowing that babies can die or that a piece of their family is missing.

I wish McKenna could share her sparkly shoes.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I managed to get them all bathed together today. This involved me ultimately getting in half dressed to protect Sawyer from the Crazies but it was great to get everyone clean in one shot.

I wish I had a better background for this picture than an overturned exersaucer but that is life around here I guess! Oh, and in our house it is not called an exersaucer, it is called "only Sawyer's" which means, if you are not Sawyer you are not allowed to climb inside and refuse to get out when it is Sawyer's turn to get in.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nice and peaceful

Dinnertime is my least favorite time of the day because it is always complete chaos. Mark is usually not home yet, everyone is hungry and tired of sharing me and no one is interested in letting me use two hands to actually cook.

For some reason tonight dinner was completely whine-free. Everyone ate, no one threw food, they even shared.

AND, to top it off, after dinner my kids played like they were the best of friends.

Well, they are the best of friends but they played like friends who don't beat each other as soon as they want the other's toy.

So I love my picture for the day because it is of Parker and McKenna playing "Mommy and Daddy" while Ashlyn ate dinner and I fed Sawyer.
Notice McKenna's outfit, by this time of the day she is always wearing about 3 layers, everything she passes by she must put on. Tonight she was wearing pants, a tutu, a long sleeved shirt with a hoodie over it and her pink boots.

A minute after this picture they headed off down the hall with their "baby" in a grocery cart.
Me: Where are you guys going?
Parker: Starbucks
McKenna: Baby needs decaf wif sugar

Who is there mother???

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ladies Man

Yesterday McKenna and I found all of Ashlyn's old Barbie clothes so today we spent lots of time on wardrobe changes. I'm not afraid to admit that I was actually a little bit excited to head to our playroom in the basement today, knowing that all those Barbies and clothes were waiting for us. I'm counting the days until she is old enough for the Barbie Dream House :)

As I dressed and undressed and dressed and undressed the Barbies as directed by Ms. McKenna she would line them up on the floor. Parker, never one to be left out, would fly by, pick out his favorite, and take her for a ride in his truck.

Apparently he likes the blondes, just like his Daddy.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010


The kids' day was coming to an end and I realized that I had not taken a single picture for the blog today. I have managed to get one up each day of February so can't stop now. Luckily, my great photographer of a husband started snapping away at bedtime and I had more than enough to pick from. I love nights when they are having so much fun that we forget what time it is... much better than the ones when I am ready for bed long before everyone under the age of 3.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Eye to Eye

After spending the majority of his days staring at kneecaps or bellybuttons (depending on who is nearby) Sawyer had a great time tonight eye to eye with his cousin Nina. They mouthed just about every toy in the playroom while their big brother and sisters played. The cash register you see in the background was a big score. Nina, the more mobile of the two, found it unattended and slid it in their direction. Sawyer, happy with her find, shared in a good ten minutes of button pushing and drool covering before the big kids came by and took it back.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another 11th

Today is the only day of the month that I do not have a current picture to post.
I wish I did. I wish this day was just like any other.
Today is the 11th, Hadley's day.

On this day, 28 months ago, I said good bye to my baby girl. And on this day every month I am painfully aware of the fact that I am that much further away from the last time I held her.
My arms ache to do it again.

I wish I could share a cute story about what she did today or could laugh about something she said or the trouble she got into with her brother and sister but all I can do is share a memory from the few days I was lucky enough to have her...

The triplets were born at 28 weeks so there was a small army in the delivery room awaiting their arrival. We were as prepared as we could be for the fact that our babies may be critical and we would only see them briefly before they were whisked away to the NICU.
Mark and I were so relieved as they delivered one baby after another and the room was filled with the tiny cries of our very tiny babies. The NICU teams assessed the babies and brought them passed me one by one on their way to intensive care. Hadley was baby C so she was the last. As the nurse brought Hadley by I put out my hand and her tiny fingers grabbed onto mine. She was the only one I was able to touch.

In the blur of my c-section, this is my clearest moment.

I ache for my little girl and miss her every minute. Since losing Hadley I have felt a physical hole in my chest, right were I carried her, all curled up with her brother and sister. I still feel that hole, some days much more than others, and have come to terms with the fact that it must be some right of passage for being a loss mom.
Living life with a piece of you missing.

And so another 11th has come and is almost gone. I struggle with feeling like we are somehow leaving Hadley behind but know, deep down, that we are not. She is here every day whether it be through the memory of her touch or that little empty space in my chest, we will always have her.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day!

Mark and Ashlyn were both home today so that meant lots of time playing in the snow and lots of pictures. I can't pick just one for my picture of the day so below are a few of my favorites.

Oh and before you look...

...yes, apparently, Ashlyn could see
...the blue between their gloves and coats is painters tape, Daddy's invention to put an end to the endless falling/taking off of the gloves
...those perfect snowballs are courtesy of Ashlyn's snowball maker that she won at our family's white elephant gift exchange. It was like an endless snow cone machine for the kids.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Growing Up Fast

Today is the 9th and since Sawyer and the triplets were all born on the 9th Sawyer is now 8 months old and Parker and McKenna are one month closer to 3.

Or maybe just one month closer to 2 1/2, that makes them sound little still.

I managed to get them all in one picture

and then to blow kisses

and even to kiss Sawyer.

So I was feeling overconfident and wanted to add something to the picture to represent Hadley since it is her day too.

Can't find it in this picture? It's because the minute I turned my back the photo op was over.
McKenna was trying to pull Sawyer down and Parker was taking his toy.
It was nice while it lasted.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wrapped in Babies

I have taken the house apart and can not find the wrap that I have been carrying Sawyer around in since he was born so today I bought the Moby wrap that I have always wanted. After an hour of tangling myself and the kids in the million feet of fabric inside the package I finally figured it out. I wish I would have gotten one a long time ago, I don't have much baby-wearing time left :(

Sawyer loved it and it was so nice to carry him this way, reminded me of when he was in my tummy. Parker and McKenna wanted in too so we took turns wrapping them up and Daddy carried them on his back. He sort of looked like a Star Wars character though so I wasn't allowed to take any pictures.

All of this baby and toddler wearing reminds me how lucky I am to have all of my kids. With me each day or only in my heart, I'm definitely wrapped in love.

Think he can go to kindergarten this way?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Muscle Man

Parker had some time with just Daddy today so I gave them the task of taking our picture of the day.
This is his muscle pose. Judging by his bulky physique he may need those weights as more than just a chair one of these days :).
The outfit he is sporting is all he was wearing when Daddy got him up from the nap he did not take (we added the diaper for picture purposes). His sister, apparently unfazed by the fact that it is winter, was snoozing away upstairs with her clothes in a pile on the floor.
You never quite know what you are going to find when you head into their room after a nap these days.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thank you Elmo

Because of you I was able to get a picture of my son.

Since he is watching Elmo and wearing him he is:
#1 sitting still long enough for a picture
#2 wearing enough clothes to make the picture blog-appropriate
Update on the no dairy, wheat or eggs---
Almond milk is now called "milkjuice."
Parker's sippy is a highly coveted item because it contains the real thing, not that darn "milkjuice."
Sippy cup use has now become a closely inspected event.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What will she eat?

Today's picture is very fitting for our day
McKenna spent hours in these sunglasses after she found them under the abyss of our couch and wore them right through her favorite meal of bagels and cream cheese. So the reason this picture is so fitting is because it was taken before her doctors appointment this afternoon.

The one where we got all of her test results back.
The one where they told us that she is allergic to wheat
and dairy
and eggs
and we need to see an allergy specialist because the list is probably even longer.
No more bagels and cream cheese for my little peanut.

We have been in the special diet world for a while because of Ashlyn. She has been casein free since she was 8 (with great results) but McKenna's allergy is a little different. It is an actual allergy where as Ashlyn's is a food sensitivity that we manage to help decrease symptoms and behaviors related to autism. Ultimately two different problems with the same fix.

Am I making any sense at this point? It's late and we don't sleep in our house.

So now add in no wheat and no eggs and I am at a loss for what to feed Ms. McKenna, kicking myself for getting rid of my bread-maker and wondering how I am going to keep the never ending food-sharing that goes on around here at bay. Poor Parker, his wheat, dairy and egg days are probably numbered too.


... I was supposed to post this:
Nana came over and the kids had a blast playing with her as always. Parker was helping her bounce Sawyer in this picture, I LOVE the way Sawyer is smiling at Parker, they just love each other to pieces.

AND, on to why I couldn't blog yesterday...

Right about bedtime McKenna started saying "lay on the floor, lay on the floor" which apparently meant "put me on the floor because if you put me in my crib I am going to throw a screaming fit and no one will sleep." To make a long story short, bedtime went downhill from there, one by one all of the little ones ended up in our bed and the only people trying to sleep were Mark and I. I think everyone was asleep at the same time at about 4 am and then half the house woke up to Sawyer screaming at 5:45 and then the other half to Ashlyn yelling for her gray sweatpants at 6. So technically, since we never slept, yesterday was one big long day that still has not ended and I'm posting my picture of the day just in time!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Christmas in February

Today we finally got around to using the decorations I bought for Christmas cookies. I opted to pass on the dough rolling and cookie cutting and just get right to the frosting and sprinkles so we did pre-made dough which Parker loved, I think for every one he put on the tray he put two in his mouth. They had a blast and Ashlyn did a great job doling out the frosting and making sure we had a few decent cookies left when all was said and done.

I had to add this picture too because it shows their personalities completely. McKenna was carefully decorating her cookies and Parker pulled up a chair, grabbed her spoonful of frosting and stuck it in his mouth. Her look says it all.

On a completely different note, a good friend and loss mom started a foundation in memory of her daughter Zoe Rose, who was also a triplet. The foundation is growing and she is looking for assistance in a few different areas. My wonderful mom has offered to sew quilts to cover NICU isolettes for them and there are a few other things she has asked for help with. Please visit her blog and see if there is anything you might be able to do. Keira has done so much for the loss community in the short time since they lost Zoe. She holds an amazing ceremony every year in October and has payed tribute to Hadley for us each year. I know I have said it here a million times but all I want is that my daughter be remembered and it is so nice to know there is someone else out there keeping her memory alive.

Monday, February 1, 2010

1 down 27 to go

My first picture of the month (I have a completely false sense of accomplishment right now because I have managed to get one picture up).
My little Sawyer enjoying quiet play time while the Crazies are napping. Not sure if you can see it but he got his first war wound from Ms. McKenna. She decided to throw him her sippy cup. I'm just pretending that she was hoping he would catch it and not that she was being a complete stinker because I was paying attention to the baby and not her.
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