Friday, September 7, 2007

24 weeks and counting

We have finally made it to 24 weeks. When I was admitted four weeks ago we weren't sure we would get to this point (and it seemed so far away!) but we have. Getting this far will give our little ones a much better chance and everyday from here on out is just one more day for them to grow and get stronger.

Thanks so much to everyone for their prayers, support and help. We couldn't do it without you.


Mark, Jessica, Ashlyn and the babies


Aunt Sandy said...

Jessica, You are the poster child for triplet Mom,s in waiting. Your inner strenth is something most of us desire, but never need to use. We are all praying for you,and thinking of you. Although not at your "home off the ground", we are with you. Planning on seeing you after the baby shower.....Cait wants to come too. Hang in there girlie girl!!!!!!!Love you, Aunt Sandy

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Remember to remain zen!

Jean Marchyok said...

Your shower was wonderful and Ashlyn and Mom were the perfect hostesses....
Andrea and Rose got sick so no show. I will tell Andreas to call you as she has really wanted to connect with you.
Each day is a blessing.
Love Jean

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