Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welcome Baby Boy!

I am way behind in posting but wanted to announce the birth of our new little boy, Sawyer Mark. Sawyer was born June 9 weighing 5lbs. 2oz. He is still in the Special Care Nursery but doing very well. We hope to have him home very soon. I had quite a few complications after delivery, thus the late post. The doctors and nurses at Henry Ford West Bloomfield were truly amazing, we can't thank them enough for all they did for our family. My recovery is going very slowly from all of the complications so I am anxious to get back on my feet and to be able to keep up with my kids again. I'm sure Mark is just as anxious as I am, he has been on double duty for a long, long time now.
Thanks to everyone for all of your love and support!

Just a few hours old

8 days old and no more iv or tubes!


The Ander's Family said...

Ahhh....I love it. That's the pic from yesterday!! What a great pic and post!! I'm soooo relieved you are OK. I can't wait til you guys have Sawyer at home with you!! CONGRATS again!

Nqn said...

OMG how precious and sweet! He is beautiful Jessica! Glad to hear from you and get an update. Hope you are feeling better soon. Lots of hugs, Nan

Taylor and Allison said...

So glad to hear from you again! Thinking of you and your family as usual.... Hug that little boy!

Steph said...

Congratulations! Love the picture of you and him w/o tubes or wires. You are amazing! BTW - great name!

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