Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Youngest

Being the youngest of the bunch has a few advantages:

1. You get to try table food at a very early age.  Like when your mom is driving the car and she hears your big brother say "Don't eat it all Sawyer, that is Kenna's" and she has to pull over the car to find out what you are eating, if you are choking and who had a good enough arm to throw it to you from their car seat.

2.  You can control an airplane from your car seat.  Like when your big brother puts the remote to his airplane behind the cushion in your car seat which causes you to have to sit on this big, uncomfortable plastic remote for who knows how long but does keep everyone looking for the remote and wondering why the airplane is moving and also gives you a chance to get him back and wear out the batteries.

3.  You never have to worry about being in the spotlight or doing any amazing tricks because even if you do, your mom can not keep the video camera on you long enough to capture it.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

SOOO cute! GOOO Sawyer!!

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