Thursday, July 15, 2010

In my head

I have realized that I talk to myself.
Not out loud, just in my head.
All the time.

Mark has been off for a few weeks and I have had zero inspiration for blog posts.  Nothing has come to mind that has made me want to sit down and blog away and then today, Mark left for a few hours, I had all of the kids, and within 5 minutes my mind was spinning with blog-worthy ideas.

Apparently, in the absence of adult conversation, I am able to do all kinds of mindless child related activities while thinking of a million other things.  And a few of the million things turn into blog posts.

Is this normal?  I hope so.  I'm assuming that it is.  There is a limit to the depth of conversation that you can have with a two year old, a one year old and even a teenager so you are bound to talk to yourself, right?

Now that I write this though I am starting to feel guilty that I am not 100% focused on whatever the activity of the moment is.  I'm not just sitting back in my own world though, I'm always playing something.  I'm usually the cashier or the doctor or the Barb.ie dresser or the one who pulls them off the top of the kitchen table once things get out of hand, I just happen to be daydreaming a little bit while it is all going on.

Mark will be off for a few more weeks so I will probably either have a few uninspiring posts (heavy on pictures, light on words) or just not even attempt creativity until the month in over and I'm back in my old little stay-at-home-mommy world.  If you don't tune back in until August I completely understand!

A few more years home with the kids and I will have written a book all in my head.

Oh and I would appreciate it if someone could comment with a "this is all normal, you are not neglecting your children" comment very soon, thanks :)

Me, very much in the moment with my little ones because that hose could turn on me at any


Nana said...

and little Sawyer, he doesn't have to be in the moment either...just the camera moment because he's so darn cute!!

Anonymous said...

You are normal AND, to make you feel even better, I will let you know that I get on the internet (mostly Facebook) when I am feeding them because I hate meal times so much. (I do stop surfing when they actually need me to help feed them, though).

Erika said...

Yes, completely normal! My time away from my kids brings little blog inspiration, yet the times WITH the kids bring many inspiring moments. So many thoughts that make me want to post, to share.

Yep, completely normal!

Heather said...

Totally normal!!! You are a GREAT yet normal mom!!!

Liz said...

Hmmm.... this sounds completely abnormal to me. You might need serious help for this problem. Maybe take a vacation to a Hawaiian Island with your best triplet momma friend Liz. I hear she talks to herself all the time too. :)

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