Sunday, February 8, 2009

Names, please!

We are really stuck on names this time around so would love some ideas. Mark and I can't seem to agree on any. I like names that are a little bit different but not too out there and Mark, well he likes the same names he liked when I was pregnant with the triplets that I still don't like. So help us, send comments with names... thanks!


Liz said...

I had BGB trips and I named my daughter Zoe Isabella but if I would have had another girl I would have named her McKenna Erynn or Makena Erynn. If you have been to Maui, Makena is a beautiful area that is one of the reasons I like the name so much.

FrenznickFive said...

i like different names too some of my choices for girls that were high on my list that my husband wouldn't agree on were
Makenna and Brynn for girls oh and i also like Logan for a girl. and for a boy i really like Landon.

Steph said...

Do you know what you are having?

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

Hi Steph- How are you? You have to join us on our fb group, we miss you! We don't know what we are having, it will be a surprise this time.

Steph said...

OK, since you don't know what you're having, I'll have to come up with names for either or both. Here are a few:
Dylan (for a boy or a girl)
Jordan (also for either)
Hudson (boy)
Bennett (boy)
Riley (can be for either but I prefer it for a girl)
Spencer (boy)
Cameron (boy or girl)
Nathan (boy)
Elise (girl)
Griffin (boy - I love this name but my wife wasn't really feeling it)
Shane (boy or girl)

OK, just throwing a few suggestions out there... Names are so hard.

Taylor and Allison said...

I love these names...
Reed (or Reid)
(ok, the southern gal is coming out....)
Mary Elizabeth

Nana said...

Okay, Nana coming in on the name thing, I've read the posts and I like:
Girls - Brynn (my favorite), Riley, Elise, and if I pick Caroline you'll think I'm biased.
Boys - Landon, Jordan, Bennett, Riley
You know I will love any name you guys pick, one more grandchild to LOVE!

Aubrey said...

Heard the name Emma yesterday and thought of you. Thought Emma Watson had a nice ring to it! Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

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