Monday, February 16, 2009

Winter break

The kids are doing great and keeping us busy as always. Mark is off for the whole week which is great. Ashlyn is enjoying her winter break too and got to come with me for an ultrasound yesterday. She was excited to see her new brother or sister and was really fascinated by the whole thing. It was great to have her there. We got a great report on the baby's growth and an "okay" report on how my body is handling this pregnancy. I'm not sailing through as I had hoped to but am hoping to at least stay out of the hospital until it is time to deliver this time. As for the babies, it is a whole new ball game over here since Parker started walking! Here are a few recent pics...

Their new favorite thing to do, run around with pjs on their heads!

I think this is the binky-transe look.

Happy McKenna

Looking for trouble...

Struttin' her stuff

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the new video. I'm familiar with the music. Carl & I saw that artist when we were in Hawaii. I have the CD somewhere. The pajama head pictures are precious. Hope you're feeling well - you look great.
Love to all,
Aunt Nancy

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