Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sick, sick, sick

I would love to post our Easter pics because we have some great ones but right now the flu has invaded our house. Poor Ashlyn has been sick, sick, sick. She has had a terrible flu since last Friday and by Monday our pediatrican took one look at her and sent us to the ER because she needed rehydrated through an IV. She has been a toughy though and did great with her IV and everything else she had to go through at the hospital. Well just when she was starting to perk up and we thought we had gotten through it without it spreading to the rest of the house McKenna started with the same syptoms. So far she is staying hydrated, thank goodness, but is battling a high fever. So back to the pediatrician we went. She gave us the okay to send Ashlyn back to school (Ashlyn was VERY happy about this, she almost jumped off the exam table) and confirmed that McKenna has the same. So we are hoping for two things right now... a fast recovery for McKenna and no flu for the rest of the family! Parker moves so fast that maybe there is no time for any germs to hit him :)
Hopefully Easter pics will be up before Christmas!

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