Monday, April 27, 2009

A walk and a rainbow

Our family walked as a team for the March for Babies this past weekend. I was so disappointed not to be able to go but was amazed by all of the "Watson Walkers" who showed up to raise over $1000 for the March of Dimes. After we lost Hadley my biggest fear was that somehow she would be forgotten and that Mark and I would be the only ones to remember her and the short life she had here with us. Seeing all of the pictures from the walk with Hadley's name on the back of everyone's shirts was overwhelming to me. She has not been forgotten and her memory continues through everyone that has followed us on this journey. I wish that I could explain how important this is to me, as a loss mom, it is all that I could ever ask for from the people who love us.

Ever since Hadley passed rainbows have been a symbol for me to know that she is with us. Whenever I am having a really tough time or just aching for some sign that she is near I see a rainbow. The minister who performed Hadley's memorial told me that rainbows mean "I am here." After the walk, when the day was winding down we looked out our back window and there was a huge rainbow over our lake. We could see the whole thing from beginning to end right in our backyard. And she was here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Watson Walkers:

Nana & Papa
Uncle Kyle and Aubrey
Uncle Brett
Aunt Marianne and Amanda
Aunt Sharon and Ashley
Aunt Mo
Sue and Kara
Kelli and Ava
Michelle, Rick and Jeffrey
and of course my amazing husband and kids

Daddy and McKenna

Ashlyn walking for her little sister, I couldn't be more proud!

Daddy and Parker

Our family sign

The Watson Walkers, we love you guys!!


Jenny said...

Exactly the same fear I have too. The whole team should be so proud of themselves, but especially Mommy and Daddy, who keep coming up with meaningful ways to honor your angels memory, and making sure no one ever forgets her.

Anonymous said...

Jessica and Mark,

You are amazing parents and we will never forget Hadley. It was great to join your family in the walk. Jessica, you were there with us for the entire walk, we were all thinking of you.

Aunt Marianne

Nana said...

I was proud to be one of the Watson Walkers. Glad to know about the rainbow connection. I have seen several lately and even pulled over on the way home from work a week ago and took pictures, didn't know why I was so drawn to it, but now I do. Hadley will always be one of my precious grandchildren and will not be forgotten. I hope to do the March of Dimes walk every year.

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