Monday, May 11, 2009

Easter in May and 30 weeks

So I am finally getting around to posting our pictures from Easter weekend. How terrible is that?? You would think with all of the bed rest I would have plenty of time but I tend to just move from bed to couch with two little toddlers at my side and then spend my evenings in Ashlyn's room laying on her bed doing homework or playing games. The bedrest has been well worth it because I have finally made it to 30 weeks!! We are very happy to be at this point but hoping for as many more days or weeks as we can get. Thanks to everyone for their support and to my wonderful husband for keeping our crazy household going each day.

On to the Easter pics (no pictures of big sister Ashlyn because she was just starting to get that terrible flu bug that went through our house)...

Visiting with cousin Gracie
The little girls

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed

Pretty McKenna

Handsome Parker
Sitting with Nana (I love the look on his face!)
Waiting, so patiently, for their Easter baskets from Nana and Papa
Easter egg hunt

My favorite picture from the day


Jenny said...

30 weeks is a BIGGIE! Now breathe out, for a minute, and KEEP GOING! You can do it.

The New Hampshire League of The Watson Fan Club

Natasha said...

Yah for 30 weeks!!!!

Nan said...

So glad you are doing well, keep it up!!!

Taylor and Allison said...

YAY!!!!!!!! 30 WEEKS!!!!!!!

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