Monday, November 16, 2009


Well we are on our way... I have not been pushing potty training much yet because the kids have not really seemed ready. This morning McKenna got out of the shower, sat on her potty and went #2. This was a huge event, the excitement that two two-year-olds get out of not only checking out what is in the potty, but getting to dump and flush it into the big potty, was almost more than they could take.
They squealed, jumped, clapped, took turns sitting on the potty waiting for something else to happen.
I took pictures. We sang our potty song.
It was quite a morning.
They were still saying "bye, bye poopie" when I put them down for their nap, three hours after the amazing event took place.
It was the easiest morning I have had in ages, I didn't have to come up with a single activity to keep them out of trouble. Who knew potty training could be so exciting??
Someone please note this post and direct me back here when I try to train Parker, I have a feeling "easy" and "exciting" will not be the words I will use to describe the experience.
McKenna sitting for her "potty picture" not too long after the big event :)


Kyle said...

thats a Christmas card picture for sure.

The Ander's Family said...

Ahhhh!!! Goooo McKenna! And I totally agree with Kyle! LOL!

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