Saturday, September 6, 2008

And they're off!

Well now everyone is crawling, Parker just started and he is very fast. McKenna takes her time and will crawl a little here and there but not Parker, he is off and running, or crawling, constantly. He has also learned to open all of the cupboards and the oven from his walker. We are doing some major baby-proofing this weekend! AND, last but not least... Ashlyn made the basketball team! She is now on the Oakview Middle School 7th grade team and we are so proud of her. I'm not allowed to post more pictures of her though because I was told, "Mommmm, I am a teenager."

Watch out! (notice all of the toys he has left in his dust)

Standing in Parker's crib, their other new talent.


Proud parents of FOUR! said...

YAY Ashlyn! Good job!

We are baby proofing over and over here. Once you think you got it they learn something new!

Aunt Marianne said...

Congratulations Ashlyn! Send us your game schedule. Watch out McKenna and Parker will be playing basketball with you soon.

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