Thursday, September 4, 2008

First day of school

I am a little late in posting our first day of school pics but I don't have much down time around here for some reason :) Ashlyn was so excited to start 7th grade and is adjusting really well. She has come so far, years ago I never dreamed she would be able to attend a typical middle school and enjoy all of the usual ups and downs of life as a teenager. She is one tough, confident, smart girl. I am so proud of her. Keep your fingers crossed for us, she is trying out for basketball this week!

Of course, now that Ashlyn is back to school the babies and I are on our own again. I definitely miss the extra set of hands but they are keeping me entertained as always.

Playing in their new favorite spot

All clean... and happy!


Proud parents of FOUR! said...

Yay Ashlyn good luck with try outs and enjoy your 7th grade year!

Katie said...

Ashlyn looks awesome and sounds like she is doing wonderful. I am so hopeful that we will be able to say the hame when my dd gets that age. You guys are all looking great!! I can't believe how fast the babies are growing!!

:)Katie (from TC)
mom to triplet girls...almost 4 years old!!

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