Thursday, September 18, 2008

No sitting still around here

Well our house is very busy these days. The babies have crawling down to a science. They will crawl on carpet, wood, tile, anything and fast. And now that crawling is getting to be old news they are pulling themselves up to stand on everything. It is amazing to watch how fast they are changing now. I am so lucky to be able to stay home with them each day.
Ashlyn has started her basketball season too so we are running around to practices and games each day. As soon as I have the pictures from her first game I will post them, I'm so proud of her I could have cried through the whole game!

Coordinating outfits... Mom loves to do this to us!

In case you are wondering what Parker is chewing on that would be the childproofing device we put on the cupboard doors that you see next to him. Apparently I hadn't tightened it enough so he came by and decided it would be put to better use as a teether.

The only way to keep them out of trouble!

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Taylor, Allison, Ian, Emma and ^Ethan^ Tucker said...

I never post comments on strangers' blogs, for obvious reasons! :) But I stumbled across your blog through Triplet Connection, and wanted to share that our experience was the same with our triplet pregnancy, around the same time... Mine was 10.21.07, we lost Baby A sometime the night before for no apparent reason. I'm thinking of you and your family as you come up on the 1st birthday. I know the conflicting emotions you must be experiencing. Please feel free to check out our blog, tuckerbabies.blogspot.com
Have a great day!

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