Sunday, November 16, 2008

Goofing around

My kids are turning into nuts at the dinner table. For some reason as soon as they are in their highchairs they start putting on a show. Always looking for a good photo op I grabbed the camera before dinner last night and sure enough the show began...

Parker waving at the camera,

and doing any other move he can think of to keep the camera on him.

McKenna being a goofball...

no that is not a barrette, it's a piece of ravioli that she was very proud to have stuck in her hair.

We also had a fun visit with Aunt Casey, Uncle Keith and cousin Gracie this weekend. Parker loved Gracie's curly hair and kept trying to put his hands in it. They are going to have a blast growing up together especially with Gracie's new brother or sister on the way.

Sitting (sort of) with their big cousin Gracie.
"We are Parker and McKenna and our mom won't stop matching our clothes." I really have a problem with this. I buy clothes I don't even like just because they coordinate. I promise I will stop before they hit grade school, well, unless they still want to match of course :)

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Kanawha Valley Mommies said...

I also match them a lot. I find it easier to buy the same clothes than shop for others. I also find if I put one boy in a dress shirt and sweater vest it's just easier to do the same for the other without coordinating another outfit.

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