Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Since the kids couldn't go out for Halloween this year (RSV season) we put them in cute skeleton pjs and took lots of pictures, of course! This was their first Halloween at home, last year they spent Halloween in the NICU with little pumpkin pictures taped to their incubators, I don't think Parker was even 2 pounds yet and McKenna was still on a ventilator. It is amazing to see them now!

Ashlyn and the babies before she left to trick or treat with her friend Gabby's family. The girls went as janitors and put their janitor buckets to good use, getting them filled with candy.

1 comment:

The Ander's Family said...

Great pics!!! The kids look great!!! I also love the Fall pics you took of Parker and McKenna!!

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