Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving over Nana and Papa's house. The kids didn't know what to do with themselves at first because they haven't been out of the house much since RSV season started but they quickly realized there was lots of exploring to do and made themselves right at home. Parker decided to entertain everyone with kissing and some very exaggerated spitting, I managed to get a few minutes of McKenna talking too but Parker had to steal the show again with more spitting...

Parker eating his first Thanksgiving dinner, Daddy couldn't feed him fast enough, he loved it!

McKenna with Mommy at the dinner table. The only thing we could get her to eat was a roll but at least she was smiling. She did love the fancy glasses though!

Parker with Papa, back for round two of turkey.

Nana gave McKenna some pearls to keep her happy and she loved them, she kept them on for hours.

Playing drums on Nana's coffee table, notice the pearls are still on, Daddy's in big trouble with this little princess!
Parker helping Ashlyn with her word search, he had his eye on her mechanical pencil.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Your family is adorable. I am so sorry to hear about Hadley. How did she pass away? I was just wondering. If you don't feel comfortable posting it, feel free to e-mail. megans426@gmail.com.
MOM to GBBG Quads

Taylor, Allison, Ian, Emma and ^Ethan^ Tucker said...

The babies look great! you're lucky Parker eats - Ian is currently on a food strike and will only eat grilled cheese sandwiches! :) Emma, however, will eat rocks if i put them on her tray - she loves her some grub!

ccdean said...

Hi Jessica,
Cute Thanksgiving pics. I think Mckenna ate more than me at Thanksgiving. I was so busy either feeding the girls or keeping them out of trouble that I did not eat at all!!!

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