Monday, December 8, 2008

Lots of fun!

Okay, you have to know this video is cute since I am showing myself in pjs with no makeup on for it. They are just so adorable, always next to each other, and now they have found a way to push their toys together. Although if one falls by the wayside the other one just keeps on trucking with the toy... we still have to work on that :)

Oh and if you are waiting for a cute Christmas picture card from us this year, you may have to wait another year. After about 10 failed attempts at getting a good picture of all of the kids I think we may have to give up on it this year. Here is the best of the worst... don't look at the laundry in the background, I think I was so busy just trying to get them all to pose that I lost track of the scenery... and yes, those are Ashlyn's glasses in Parker's hand!

Here's a cute one of Ashlyn, she was the only one who would pose, only after bribery though :)

We want to play outside!


Taylor, Allison, Ian, Emma and ^Ethan^ Tucker said...

You're way ahead of me! I haven't even DONE my cards yet.. I may be skipping them this year... ;)
You have to go to Target and get McKenna the shirt that says "My brother is the naughty one! " TOO CUTE!

Taylor, Allison, Ian, Emma and ^Ethan^ Tucker said...

And by the way... Despite my BEST efforts (lying to the nurse to get the babies qualified for the Synagis vaccine again this year) they got RSV last week.... 105 degree fevers and inconsolable crying... not fun! So the vaccine isn't 100%, but they got over it in 3 days, so it helped at least! :) uuugh!

Heather said...

That is so cute! I love the matching pjs.

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