Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not the highchairs!

The video in my last post shows my two little children happily sitting in their highchairs. They may have been burping and laughing at themselves but at least they were sitting. Now they have figured out how to unbuckle themselves and stand up while eating which leads to:

1. A toddler who is very happy with him or herself
2. Another toddler attempting to do the same thing
3. The food on that toddler's plate flying through the air
4. The food on the person's tray next to said toddler flying through the air.
5. No one eating anything

Here is a picture of the one who started it all. I would have gotten a picture of both of them doing it but by then it was too dangerous for me to stand back and watch while taking pictures :) And yes, those are Doritos on their trays, McKenna loves them and I was trying anything to get her to sit back down before the whole situation got ugly (this tactic obviously did not work).

So now I am debating what to do next, small picnic table or booster chairs? Anyone have a booster chair they like best or other ideas for getting them to actually sit and eat at the same time???


FrenznickFive said...

we finished stopped using the highchairs a few months ago and went to the diner style booster chairs. they work well and the kids love them but the little lap belt does not hold them in the greatest and they can turn around in the chair or stand up once they wiggle free. on the positive the chairs are super easy to clean!

Steph said...

we LOVE the stokke tripp trap chairs. They are pricey but they will last a lifetime. We have 1 and will be buying 2 more soon.

Liz said...

Duct tape? :)

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