Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We love crib tents!

Right around the time that Sawyer was born McKenna decided she wasn't interested in sleeping in her crib anymore. So she didn't start climbing out, she started flinging herself out. She was falling and hurting herself everytime so ultimately, everytime we heard her cry to get out we had to get her so that she wouldn't fall and hurt herself again. I'm sure you know where this is going... Ms. McKenna learned that we would come get her if she cried, started doing it every night, we would get her and try everything possible to get her back to sleep which usually resulted in Mark driving her around in the car until she couldn't stay awake any longer, fun, fun, fun! I had heard about crib tents from a few other moms so we ordered one as our last hope for getting back to some kind of normal bedtime routine and it worked. I was afraid McKenna would be scared of it or not want to get into bed but as you can see below it has become the latest and greatest toy in our house. Who knew being confined to your crib could be so much fun??

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Liz said...

My DD went through a crib jumping phase too.... I ended up putting a stool by her crib so she could climb down. It must have taken the fun out of the escape because she stopped.... Who would've thought???

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