Sunday, December 13, 2009

Little of Everything

We had lots going on over the weekend and I'm way behind on posts so here it goes...

...we had a great visit with Uncle Rob, Aunt Sandy and our biggest blog fan, Cousin Caitlin.

Aunt Sandy, Parker showing off his signing to Uncle Rob and Caitlin with Sawyer

McKenna was there too but she is Ms. Shy so played in the hall with Parker, pretending we didn't have company.

...Ashlyn and I got to bring McKenna along to her first Christmas Candy-making with the girls at Aunt Marianne's house.

my girls

McKenna and her assistant

All of the candy-makers and our table of sugar

...and lastly, the tree is up. We debated on putting it up this year because the kids are crazy
into everything but we gave it a shot. We are going to try it without a baby gate since our kids have so much self control so the pictures below may be the only ones that show our tree with lights and ornaments.

Eyeing the tree..

and in for the kill.

Mmmm, the smell of an artificial tree.

My sweet little guy who can't get into a thing :)


Caitlin said...

Adorable pictures!! Biggest blog fan cousin Caitlin is RIGHT : )

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Nana said...

Precious pictures of a precious familly.

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