Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In the "no"

Yesterday we pulled on the "no pants" and "no boots" and headed out to play in the "no". By we I mean Daddy and the kids. I came in and out to see how cute they were and put gloves back on 80 million times but am not a big fan of the whole cold, snow, wind thing so let Daddy have all the fun while Sawyer and I stayed warm. Big sister Ashlyn is spending time pretending she is an only child again at Nana and Papa's but could probably still hear the sounds of protest coming from our house when the kids had to come in from the "no." Why is it that when you have toddlers it is inevitable the most fun activities are going to end very ugly? Snow is now the latest word that we have to spell unless we are planning to gear up and head back out again right that moment.

Ready to go

Loving the cold

1 comment:

Carol B said...

Just love those little snow babies!

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