Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boys, boys, boys

Apparently clothing is not necessary when you are a two year old boy.
Neither are diapers.

If I am not involved in the constant entertainment of my toddlers there is bound to be clothes and diapers flying. This would not be so bad if a)the flying diaper was dry b)the diaper flinger decided to go in the potty once the diaper has been launched c)the little streaker would nap first and then take off his clothes rather than the other way around which results in NO nap for anyone.

I am learning quickly that just because he leaves behind a dry diaper that does not mean that you have avoided disaster it just means that you have to start searching for what should never have made it out of the diaper in the first place. Yuck, I am having flashbacks of all of my cleaning episodes as I type.

Is this what little boys do or just mine? If so how long is it going to last AND has anyone found a good way to keep everything from flying at least during nap time?

Good thing he is so cute.

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Steph said...

I have a friend w/ quads who loved to take off their clothes and diapers too. She was a big fan of duct tape. They all got a "silver belt" around their diapers.

Another friend of mine would buy footed jammies a size bigger and put them on backwards so that the zipper was in the back. You need them a size bigger so that you can twist the legs around to have them fit.

So far mine haven't figured out how to get undressed or take off their diapers and I'm super grateful for that. I dread the day when I walk into their room after nap and find a naked baby playing w/ a poopy diaper. I think both my above mentioned friends had poop smeared on the wall on more than 1 occasion.

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