Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby

My sweet little Sawyer is one today.  
I can hardly stand it.  
It has already been a year since I first laid eyes on this little guy.
The year has gone by so quickly and I can't believe that we are already celebrating his first birthday.  
I love him so much and am constantly reminded how lucky we are to have him.
Happy Birthday baby boy!!


Marianne said...

Happy 1st Birthday Sawyer!!!
Love Aunt Marianne

Nana said...

Happy Birthday Sawyer, you bring me joy everytime I see your sweet little face. I love you!

Jamie said...

Happy 1st birthday Sawyer. They gorw up too fast!

kbridges said...

Happy birthday little buddy. I know you're only smiling in that picture b/c you think there's ice cream in that cone.

Aunt Nancy said...

Sawyer For President - I'll vote for that!! Great picture!
Happy Birthday Sweet Child!

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