Tuesday, June 15, 2010

These Two

Someone tell me that 3 is easier than 2.  
I always feel guilty for complaining about our days, especially since they should be one more little person busier than they already are but these two are running me ragged. 
I am just hoping that the minute they turn 3 all will be calm and there will be no more squealing, fighting, climbing the walls, squeezing out the toothpaste, telling me no, dumping their food, throwing their diapers, refusing to get dressed/come inside/get in the car/clean up, etc., etc., etc.  
I'm sure the age of 3 is not going to be the miracle cure but for my sanity I'm going to pretend it is.   
In the meantime I will just try to keep playing the lyrics to "You're Gonna Miss This" over and over in my head.
That is if I can hear myself think through all the noise.


Liz said...
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Liz said...

Ummm....I hate to tell you this but everyone says 3 is the new 2. I think we are in trouble. I'll let you know on June 28th.

Nana said...

Your family is so full of love on good days or bad...and I still tear up at the lyrics of "You're gonna miss this"

Megan said...

Good luck with 3, I also heard 3 is worse than 2! Oh what we have to look forward to! And just wanted to let you know...the kids were having a great day, so I put them somewhere they had never been before and gave it a try! Oh, and I did change one of the faces to have a smile! Thanks!

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