Saturday, August 25, 2007

my wife is making me write in the BLOG

Jess is still in the Hospital and is the strongest person I know. It's been two weeks and a day in bed. The news lately has been mixed. All three babies are doing well. However, we did get news that one of the girls might have vsd (ventricular septum disorder). A specialist will be here wednesday. The doctors have said not to worry. Other than that, the babies weights are great and seem to be as healthy as they can be. Last Wednesdays ultasound indicated that the babies weigh (baby A) 1 pound, (baby B) 1 pound 2 ounces and (baby C) is 1 pound. FYI-(A) is my boy and (b) and (C) are the girls. Jess is in good spirits, but she misses home! I miss her at home! The doctors and nurses have been taking great care of her. We are fortunate to have Grandma (aka Nanna) and Grandpa (aka Pappa) in our lives. They are best. They have been taking care of Ashlyn. As you can imagine, Ashlyn misses her mom at home. Thank you Nanna and Pappa for everything!!!



nikkiinwv said...

Hi Jessica, I just wanted to wish you luck with the specialist coming in tomorrow. I hope your babies are all doing well. I think you are doing great. Hang in there!

Jess said...

From "THE Nana". Brett,Ashlyn,Bruce&I are bedside in Jessica's room and Mark is right, Jessica is the strongest person I know and that is only one of her great traits. She also still has a sense of humor, looks beautiful and is determined to do whatever it takes to give the three little Watson's the best chance ever. I love being Ashlyn's nana and can't wait to be nana for 3 more. And while I'm at it....Mark is the most supportive person I could ever imagine to be by Jessica's side.

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