Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter and updates

I have had a terrible time getting around to updating the blog this week.  

Here is the current McKenna update:
She had an MRI of her spine, thorax and abdomen on Friday and lots and lots of blood work ordered by the rheumatologist and the neurologist.  So far everything is coming back FINE!  We are thrilled the MRI came back okay.  I have been a nervous wreck since Friday, waiting to get the results.  Now we are just waiting for the remainder of the blood work and beginning an aggressive schedule of occupational and physical therapy to help McKenna get back to her old self regardless of what is causing all of her symptoms.  In the meantime she remains a medical mystery and this whole experience has left her completely scared of everything.  The poor thing is so afraid of getting poked and prodded that it is hard for her to do much of anything outside of the house right now.  I am hoping with some time away from all of the testing for a bit that she will start to get back to her old shy self instead of the new shy, paranoid, cries-if-someone-looks-at-her self.  

We had a great Easter at Nana and Papa's house.  I know I am biased but all of my kids looked great.  You will have to just imagine what Ashlyn looked like because believe it or not Ms. Teenager was not interested in dressing up or posing for many pictures, apparently her days of cute little Easter dresses are over :(
The closest we got to everyone looking at the camera

Showing his empty basket after his sister helped herself to everything he had already picked up.

Pretty, pretty

Sawyer was not a big fan of the grass which is why he is not sporting his usual grin.

LOVED their new bubblemakers from Nana and Papa and you can even see a little glimpse of Ms.Teenager blowing bubbles in their direction.


Meghan said...

Praying for that gorgeous baby! I love the outfits for the boys. I waited too late to order one similar to the baby's. They were all sold out of our size.

Rebecca said...

GREAT pics! I'm glad to hear the tests are coming back normal, though I know how frustrating it is to not know what's going on. It was great seeing you today! Wish we could've hung out more!!

Liz said...

Wonderful that everything is coming back normal for McKenna. I know what you mean when you described how McKenna fears everything right now. Zoe and Aiden were both in the hospital last week. We almost lost Aiden. Both of them still are traumatized by the whole ordeal. Rightfully so....

Your Easter pix are great!

Proud parents of FOUR! said...

Hi Jessica, Thanks for the update I have been thinking of little miss Mckenna often. I hope she gets to feeling better and recovers quickly from the testing.

All the kids look great and Oaklen is the same way with the pictures. Not so into posing for mommy anymore. :( I hope Ashlyn is enjoying the school year and all her sporting activities.

Christina said...

So good to hear the good news. Will be thinking of you guys in the upcoming days!!
Great Easter pictures! :)

Rachael said...

hi! thanks for the comment :) we found the girls pj's at tj maxx i think and i have no idea where we found james'. sorry :(

Small Burst said...

awww. what lovely kids. Glad to hear your little one's tests are all OK.

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