Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two steps back

So we were starting to get our hopes up that whatever has been going on with McKenna was slowly going away and it was just going to be one of those weird things that we would never quite have an answer for.  Her coordination and strength were improving and the limp was still there but unless you knew to look for it you would barely notice it.  We thought we could just stick with OT and PT and take a break from our quest to find an answer.

Then the weekend came.

Saturday we thought we might be seeing things because she seemed to be limping more than not.
Sunday the limp was in full swing again and we were cringing as McKenna tried to keep up her usual pace.

Monday she woke up with a FEVER.  AGAIN.  The nervous pit in my stomach that I had for all of those weeks she was doing so poorly returned as well.
Tuesday more fever, more limping, decreased coordination, etc., etc.  We headed back to the pediatrician who was planning a trip to Children's Hospital for us but then found an ear infection as the source of her fever.  He has decided, as a last effort to avoid more tests, more hospitals, more unhappiness for my poor little McKenna, to try a strong course of antibiotics in hopes that it will clear up the ear infection and maybe some type of lingering infection that could be causing the limp.

No one is sure if this will work or not but we are hoping and praying it will.


Lea said...

Hoping and praying with you.... poor little thing.

Liz said...

I wonder if she could be experiencing vertigo from the ear infection therefore making it look like her limp/balance/coordination are worse? I hope the antibiotics clear this up fast. Poor kid can't catch a break lately. Get well soon McKenna :)

Nan & Mike said...

More prayers honey xxxooo

Mary said...

Sending prayers. Sometimes an inner ear infection can cause that stuff, and an inner ear infection has to just run its course, which can take a couple months, I had one and the Dr.s told me antibiotics would not help it.

I am praying that these antibiotics clear it all up.


Kayla said...

Happy SITSaturday! I will pray for McKenna! I cannot imagine!

B said...

Stopping by from SITS!

Hope all is well with your beautiful daughter.

Mary said...

Back this spring I found your blog when my 5 year old was having similar mysterious symptoms. I have been following your loving family since. I pray McKenna will have the same miraculous recovery as my son. His symptoms went away as seemingly strange as they came after being the hospital case of the month, without ever a diagnosis.

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