Monday, August 9, 2010

And we're off

See those little two little diaper-butt kids?  
They are both well on their way to potty training.
Parker is doing GREAT but Ms. McKenna is giving us a run for our money as usual.  

I swear she can hold it for longer than humanly possible.  

Usually after she has been dry for about 5 hours or so Mark or I will relent and sit with her in the bathroom where she will stay, on her potty, just staring at us as we wait for her to go.  Sooner or later we will give up, or feel the need to do something other than sit on a slate floor eye-to-eye with the poster child for stubborn, and head out of the bathroom.  About five minutes after the face-off is over she will either pee on the floor or ask for a diaper, pee in it then take it off.  Smart, isn't she??

Today, for the first time, she ran to the bathroom yelling "Kenna's going pee-pee" and came out proudly carrying the potty seat with about two drops of pee in it.  Just as I was explaining to her that she needed to sit back down and finish going I saw her shorts and realized that she sat on the potty while wearing her shorts and underwear.  At least she headed there on her own though, right??

Parker seems to be well on his way but I think McKenna is going to need the 3 day intensive program that I have heard such great things about.  Either way the diaper days are coming to an end for my little preemies.  As much as I am happy about this I have a few scenarios that I am dreading and would love some tips from anyone who has/had more little ones than arms at one time...

1. Shopping anywhere.  How in the world am I going to manage a public restroom when I am lucky to find a place that has a cart to fit them all in?

2. Driving anywhere.  Again, I can't imagine stopping to schlep them all inside a fast food place/gas station/anywhere yucky to use a bathroom.  I can bring the potty seat with us everywhere but what do I do with whatever ends up inside it?

I'm hoping for some good tips so we are not stuck inside until all of my kids are big enough to not fall through the seat of a big potty.

Thanks in advance and sorry for all of the potty talk for anyone who is not remotely interested.  I promise, even though this is all very exciting, it will not be my only blog topic for the next few weeks.


Liz said...

I made Zoe a potty bag. In it she has a Potette (Google it), hand sanitizer, Dora toilet seat covers, travel size Lysol, 2 pairs of panties, an extra outfit, and travel size flushable wipes. The Potette we keep in the car and we try to get her to use it as opposed to a public potty but I have had to take her is there a couple of times too. We'll talk more Wednesday. :)

Congrats on your success so far!

Nan & Mike said...

You go girl :) And Ill be looking to this post far into the future for the handy tips! xxx Nan

Rebecca said...

You could get a potty seat from Target that goes over the seat. We did that and just put it in a small backpack with wipes, underwear, etc.

What's the 3 day program???

Melanie said...

My two girls often use the handicapped bathroom stall since it is bigger. I had a fold up travel potty seat for a while that fits over the big seat. Amazon has them.

I keep a potty in the back of my CRV for emergencies. I have plastic grocery bags to line it, so I just tie the bag closed and toss it just like a diaper!

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