Monday, August 23, 2010


The kids are growing like crazy.
Sawyer is walking like a champ,

Ashlyn is starting high school in one week (my heart is beating faster just typing those words) and Parker and McKenna are changing from my little toddlers into miniature little adults squished into almost 3 year-old bodies.

I know everyone thinks that their children are hilarious so I will just join the club and share a few recent quotes from the Crazies.

Me- Parker, tell Sawyer sorry for hitting him in the head
Parker (looking at me very seriously and whispering)- I am not talking right now.

Me- Please be quiet Parker
Parker- That's no way to talk to your sweetie.

Parker- Kenna come get in your chair
McKenna- I do not like Kenna, it is McKenna for you Parker.

Potty quotes:

This morning after going way past his threshold for holding it, I made Parker go sit on the potty.
He jumped up after a second, said he didn't have to go and headed on his way.
I explained that he needed to go on the potty or he would wet his big kid pants and he explained back-
In two minutes I will pee in my pants.

Me- Parker, did you wet your pants?
Parker- Not yet.

Me- If you go poop on the potty I will give you a BIG treat, what do you what?
Parker- An elephant.

That's all I've got for now.
I know there are a million more but I have not been writing them down which I'm sure I will regret forever especially since I am still waiting for the day when I regain all of those brain cells I seem to have lost after childbirth.


Nana said...

Those photos are just the best, and even though I'd heard their little gems before, they were just as hilarious again.

Nancy said...

Those are three adorable, creative, comical kids. Love you all.

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