Monday, August 2, 2010

We're baack

Mark is back to work.
The kids are back to my schedule.
And I am back to blogging.

I hope I didn't lose too many readers due to my slacking off during the month of July.

Since I know Mark is missing the kids like crazy and I have lots of family going through picture withdrawals I though I would post our day in pictures today.

Breakfast time
As soon as I made a move for the camera Sawyer decided he was feeding himself and yes, McKenna is wearing a pajama shirt AND a dress on backwards with her head and arm both through the same hole.  Under that she is wearing a ruffly skirt, pajama shorts and a pair of skorts.  I had to adjust the straps in her booster chair to fit it all in.
Parker showing off his latest boo boo, a centimeter long scratch that he is obsessed with 
Parker and McKenna taking "Penny" and "Hippy" to school via the fish.

And that's it, 9 a.m. and my dream of a day in pictures is over.

This is as far as I got before the novelty of being home with just Mommy again wore off and I remembered just how busy I am when Mark is at work.  

Soon after this shot Parker broke into the corner cupboard for McKenna who promptly served them both  sprinkles with a dash of paprika and Sawyer decided his only method of transportation today would be walking... which is really great, just really dangerous since the top half of his body moves much faster than the bottom half and there are two crazy toddlers circling him every 30 seconds making his path an ever-changing obstacle course.

I really do LOVE being home with the kids though and as Mark had to return to work I reminded myself for the millionth time how lucky I am to be able to stay home with them each and every day.  


Aunt Marianne said...

Glad your back to blogging. We love the stories. It was great to see you and the kids on Friday and Amanda keeps reminding me that she got hugs from Parker and McKenna and maybe next time I will get a hug!

Nana said...

Love the photos. I was on blog-withdrawal and I feel much better now. I think you should promise to blog every day in August to make it up to us!

Nancy said...

You're back! The shakes and other withdrawls symptoms are going away. Great pictures and stories!

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