Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall fashion and pockets

My little fashionista is thrilled that it is fall.

I thought McKenna was going to hyperventilate from excitement as she saw me pulling out her warm clothes.

I had to hide them in the spring.  I stored them in bins (only solid colored bins, nothing she could see into) and packed them away in storage.

Without an expert hiding job she would have been wearing pink corduroys, sparkly sweaters, a zebra print skirt, striped tights and knee socks.  All at once.  All summer long.

In fact I'm not really sure fashionista fits her.

I'm thinking stubbornista may be more appropriate.  She basically just choses the most horrendous combination of clothing in her closet and then refuses to wear anything else.
Ms. McKenna sporting her first fall outfit, too small dress and leggings
(turquoise and yellow hoodie put on soon after).
So as I began carefully hiding her most coveted summer clothes and digging out her fall wear she could barely contain herself.  She immediately put on a hoodie and has been beside herself all week.  (Aside from her sense of style she also has a little hoarding issue and is just overjoyed with all she can manage to carry now that she has pockets in her hoodie and in her pants.)

Week one of fall wardrobe and this is what I have confiscated from her pockets thus far:

my sock
her sock
her underwear
Parker's underwear
an animal cracker
a mini princess doll
a few cheerios
a rock
part of a bagel (with peanut butter)
a beanie baby
and last but not least
      an egg beater

Today, I was behind on wash and she was out of hoodies so, not to sway from her hoarding habits, she put on TWO PAIRS OF UNDERWEAR so that she could store things IN BETWEEN THE TWO PAIRS.

Who does this??

I can only imagine when winter comes and a winter coat adds to her number of pockets.  Who needs a diaper bag, or a dresser, or kitchen cupboards for that matter when you have pockets.


Jamie said...

You may have already have found fall shoes for McKenna, but I thought I'd let you know I found some cute ones at Target. Lindy has cascade braces (one tall and one short) and the Circo Dawna actually fit over her braces. Normally anything with a velcro strap doesn't work but these did. I got the brown ones but I think I'll be going back to get the black soon. I did have to buy them about 2 sizes to big.


Aunt Marianne said...

You gave me a good laugh today....I now have visions of a hoodie and pants with all kinds of different colors/shapes of pockets!

Natasha said...

The two of them would have so much fun. Mine is super into pockets as well... and, well, you know, the clothes thing is pretty big for her too!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Too cute! I love fall clothes too.

Anonymous said...

In between the underwear! That is just so funny and wrong. Though actually, seeing as how Gabrielle keeps putting toys on her peeps during diaper change, McKenna's idea sounds not so bad.

jean.marchyok said...

I know that Rose would fit right in with McKenna. Whenever I send her a surprise package with (usually) resale clothes she always wears a dress with a skirt underneath. She will wear the same outfit for the week. Then I sent a winter nightgown for her birthday (Aug) and she has worn that continually-even to her own birthday party. They are a hoot.
My Lynn had a vest that someone sent in a hand-me-down bag and no matter what she had on she put the vest on also and it was plaid.
Keep the faith

Jennifer G. said...

LMBO I love this post. reminds me so much of my 3 year old. She put things down her shirt and tucks it in. She tells me she is putting it in her "bra" Thanks for brightening my day. :-D

Megan said...

That is too funny! I love fall clothes as well, so I got them out already and still pretty warm most days!

Christa Terry said...

In between the underwears? That is hilarious!

I've been surprised by how much fun I've had coordination the Babby's outfits and digging through the next season's clothing. Which just means that by the time she's old enough to care she's going to hate everything I pick out ;-)

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