Thursday, September 23, 2010

Change, change, change

We have had lots of changes in our house lately and I have had a few requests for updates on various subjects so here we go...

We put the beds up.
They played.
McKenna repeated "don't want to sleep in a big girl bed" 3 million times.
Mark put her crib back up.
Nights are great but short, naps are nonexistent.
Yesterday I entered their room to find Parker climbing McKenna's crib while she had him in a headlock and he had her by the hair, both screaming themselves hoarse.
The sibling love I had always envisioned.
Parker in his big boy bed (railing followed the next day)

McKenna has been doing pretty well.  She has slowly rebounded from her health scare in the spring but has never returned back to full strength.  She goes to physical therapy weekly and has braces on her feet and ankles which she tolerates really well (the fact that they are pink helps immensely).  We have also noticed that whenever she is sick or overtired that her muscle weakness along with some OCDish behavior come back which concerns her doctors but at this point we are taking a little vacation from all of the medical tests.  
The poor girl has been through enough.

High school:
Ashlyn is doing the best that Ashlyn can.  The adjustment to the expectations of high school have been tough to say the least.  She goes to school each day trying her hardest and that is all I can ask for.  
In the meantime I will continue to dream about winning the lotto so that I can create my own school that  works for her and the many other kids with autism who struggle through their education.
Ashlyn on her way to scoring a well-deserved goal at her soccer game.

I am on week 4.  I love the program and have seen results really quickly BUT my exercise schedule depends on the fact that my children actually sleep (see "Toddler beds").
I may be on week 4 for a while.

Lastly, I put the kids in a Mommy & Me (& Me & Me) class and they did great.  I was thrilled to find a class that would even include Sawyer.  They all surprised me with how well they did and the teacher kept commenting on how well behaved they are.  They were only good because they were in shock by all of the activity (we don't get out much) but I took the compliment and ran.  I'm looking forward to their weeks to come in the class, hoping Parker and McKenna will come out of their shells a little bit and that Sawyer will stop eating the glue sticks.
The best picture I could get of the three of them on their first day of "school"


kbridges said...

Is McKenna wearing her braces in that picture? If so you can barely tell.

Parker is a spitting image of Dennis the Menace. He smile says it all.

Proud parents of FOUR! said...

I must say that Parkers toddler bed looks wonderful. Ours are eatin and knawed and everything else!

Way to go on working out! I did P90X for a month and now can not seem to motivate myself at all.

Liz said...

Wow! You have a lot going on over there at Casa Watson! Tell Ashlyn congrats on her goal! Tell Parker congrats on graduating to his big boy bed. Tell Mckenna she might want to sleep in the car (with the doors locked) until Parker is used to sleeping in the toddler bed. :) Tell Sawyer congrats on starting "school" so early! Little Einstein! :) Seriously, that is great you found a Mommy and Me class for all four of you! I don't know how ya do it! And last but not least congrats to you for doing that P90x thing. I finally Googled it and just reading about made me tired.

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