Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One last look at Fall

The photos over at Trendy Treehouse get better and better each week and mine, well, they just stay the same.  We received a "like" last week which is great but after looking over all of the entries I thought I should just give it up since I'm not a photographer and the contest is a little out of my league but it's another week and I'm delusional as I mentioned yesterday so here I go again.

I have decided that I just like the process.  I like finding out the topic and spending Monday nights pouring over the million pictures we have taken of our children's every move to find one that fits and also looks like I can manage a camera okay.

So with that long unnecessary introduction that I promise was not a ploy to get compliments on my photography skills (or lack thereof), here is my entry for {Fall}

Visit the real photographers here...


Happy Tuesday--- it's our Friday, hope it's yours too,

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