Friday, November 26, 2010

The Window Washer

Just last night I was telling Mark that I could not wait for the first snowfall this year because the kids are going to love it.  Ashlyn has always loved the snow and Parker and McKenna have finally hit the age where they get excited about just about anything (a successful trip to the potty sounds like Christmas morning over here).  This morning the snow started falling and Parker came running through the house yelling "It's snowing! It's snowing!"

I was excited to see him excited and was thinking this was a heartwarming little moment and conjuring up my Small Thing post for the week as I grabbed the camera.  So I'm trying to get his picture at the window at an angle that will capture his sweet little face and the two or three snow flakes actually falling  while minimizing the amount of fingerprints on our doorwall and I hear water... not a big deal... I was in a cleaning frenzy and, although there was a remote chance I would get to removing the fingerprints, the dishwasher and washing machine were both running.  So I'm snapping pictures and look down and see a stream of pee shooting through his pj's onto the floor and trickling down the heater vent.

I'm sure there is some catchy phrase about not getting so caught up in the small stuff that you pee on yourself but it is not coming to me right now.

Maybe he was tired of waiting for me to get to the fingerprints so thought he figured he would just give them a squirt???

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