Thursday, November 11, 2010

Snakes and Snails and Puppydog Tails

Life with Parker can seem like mommy bootcamp at times.

The move has been no exception.

We have yet to childproof to the full extreme and my little man is taking full advantage.

In the last four days he has...
  • let himself and his sister out of the house (one wearing nothing, one wearing a shirt) 
  • dumped a large plant, creating a sandbox in the living room
  • learned to open each new gate
  • taken down each gate he cannot open
  • started the dishwasher more times than I can count
  • helped himself, and anyone else who is interested, to whatever they may want from the fridge
  • taken off the handles that open our windows
  • pulled down a blind or two
  • connected, disconnected and reconnected all tvs, cable boxes and dvd players
  • unrolled toilet paper, decorating both toilet and potty seat
     and last, but certainly not least in the clean up department... turned on the water supply to our washer BEFORE it was hooked up, transforming my new laundry room into an indoor waterpark.

I have to admit by today, 
okay maybe yesterday 
or the day before,
I had reached the why can't you just sit still for a second phase.

My patience was wearing very thin and my head was spinning from managing everyone and constantly keeping an eye on future prospects for trouble.  So today I tried to make a conscious effort to not lose my cool (or voice from yelling) and have some fun.

We hiked through the yard
Taken 2 seconds before Parker said "look there's berries" and I had to race in and redirect

and dug out every imaginable toy in hopes of running off troublemaking energy.
And I had intended to make this a big long rant post about the craziness of life with boys but then I flipped through the pictures I took
and found that *someone* wanted to remind me to cherish these precious, crazy, hang-on-to-them-while-you-have-them days.

Thanks Baby Girl.

Do you have a "life with boys" story?  I know there are more "Parkers" out there but our paths have yet to cross.  If you can relate, post your best story in the comments, whether it is from 2 days ago or 20 years ago, I would love to know I'm not alone :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog! Your kiddos are just PRECIOUS... what blessings you have!

Wrye said...

So beautiful Jessica! I love this post and the pics. Thanks for stooping by my blog - and letting me know your lovely blog is waiting here to be enjoyed!

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