Friday, January 14, 2011

Changes and a Reader Poll

Unfortunately you will have to wait until next Friday to find out who my next featured blogger is.  My site is under major construction and should be up and running on Monday with a whole new look (if you can't find us, know that I did something very wrong and please send a techie to save me and my blog).

Here is a quick poll to take up some Friday space while I try not to demolish the contents of this blog...

What do the following items have in common?
(excluding the children, they are there to un-boring the picture and because, well, they are always "there" so might as well put them in a photo or two)

Edited to add:  Just realized I forgot a sock and a plastic stethoscope in this shot AND the crust to a pb&j has just been added to the group.

Take a second to comment with your answer (if you know me in real life and have already heard the story of one of these items you are not allowed to vote!).

Oh and I REALLY want you to vote if you are a reader but never a commenter, I would love to know who is out there taking the time to read my words.  Even if you just want to say "this is the worst use of space for a Friday post ever" or "I think I read about item #x somewhere else so I want to guess and ruin the suspense for everyone else."

Click that "comment" spot below and type.

So I know you are out there.

Happy Friday!

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