Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Still Standing- Featured Blogger

Have you ever read someone's story that gave you the urge to pack up your things and go do for them... do their laundry, make their meals, do whatever you could to make life easier?

That is how I felt the first time I read a post from today's featured blogger, Amy from TransplantedX3, and how I have felt after every one of her posts since.

Amy is the mom to seven which alone should qualify her for some type of award.  The story of her family is an amazing one.  Amy's third son, Nathaniel passed away five days after his birth and was later found to have had Citrullinemia, a rare genetic disorder.  She continued on to have three more children who were all diagnosed with Citrullinemia and ultimately needed liver transplants in order to survive.

Her youngest son, David, is currently in pediatric intensive care, where Amy kept vigil for the past three months as he struggles to survive.  I could go on and on about Amy's strength but you just need to visit her because it shines through her words.  

Send her prayers or good thoughts or whatever you can muster.

David is not doing well.

She needs it right now.

Here are a few beautiful posts from Amy:

Is This Thing On?- the beginning of David's fight
5.3 Million... and I don't mean the Mega Millions- where things are right now
Wordless Wednesday- the most touching Wordless Wednesday picture ever

So Amy of TransplantedX3, mom of seven, survivor of loss and liver transplants and life in a Ronald McDonald house while her son struggles to defy the odds, is Still Standing and I wish there was something I could do, because she deserves to sit for a while.

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