Saturday, January 1, 2011

Small Things Saturday

Another Small Things Saturday and this week the small thing that I appreciate most is my son's new fireman costume.  
Not only does the mask cover up a bad hair day (and even a bad face day) but it should come in handy for the bazillion diaper changes that await me in 2011.

In all seriousness though, my Small Thing today is the fact that I can do this.  

I can smile and play and wear my son's fireman mask and not feel a twinge of guilt for my laughter.  

Because there was a time when I could... mommies without their babies shouldn't smile too much, or at least that is what my grieving heart said.

As time goes on the smiles are coming easier though and I'm learning that there isn't a child in the world, living or not, who wants a Mommy who can't play a little dress up.
Happy 2011, may it be a great one!!

What is the Small Thing that you took time to appreciate this week?  Blog about it, grab the button and link up below to meet some great new people.

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