Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dear Daddy- Public Restroom, the Sequel


Well it's over.  You are going back to work and I have waited as long as I can to write.  There is only so much patience packed into this 19 month-old chunk of love.

I got a little spoiled these two weeks.  Two parents home, sugar, new toys, the whole nine yards... walking AND having teeth at Christmas makes for a good gig.  I thought I wouldn't have anything to tattle tell you about but we split up that one time, at going-out-to-taco-dinner, and someone had to go potty (of course it was Kenna, we all know Parker just points and shoots wherever he pleases) and I don't have to tell you that two three year olds in a bathroom always gives me material....

So this time, the big potty room was closed and poor Mommy had to squish us in a tiny potty room.  Mr. Ants In His Pats just kept pushin' on the door and pushin' on the door and finally he fell right out while Mommy was holding up Kenna so her little butt didn't fall in that big hole.  For a minute Mommy was worried about Parker being out by those sinks and all that soap but then he said he was just sitting and, even though Mommy didn't remember seeing a chair, she told him okay and to stay still.  She kept talking to him while she was fixing up Kenna and he kept saying he was sitting nice so Mommy wasn't worried.  

He knows how to play the game, doesn't he?  

We could hear those waitress ladies (who only speak like us when they are seeing what we want to eat) playing in the sink water and talking their kind of talking and laughing and laughing but no way did that laughing have to do with Mr. Parker.

When Kenna was all done we headed out and Daddy, guess where Parker was??  He found one of those shiny cans you push, push, push your foot to open and was sitting with his skinny butt all the way in there.  He was looking so happy down in there with his smiley head holding that can top open you would have thought Santa was on his way.  Mommy was the color of my Christmas shirt (you know the one with the snowman) while she was pulling him out.  Even though Parker's so small, Mommy had to pull him lots and when she wiggled him loose he had all kinds of mushy papers sticking on his butt.  We both know how fun those were to peel off.  Mommy was just saying "wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands."  Which is like saying PARTY TIME to us, so we squirted soap and water, soap and water til Mommy got all those papers back in the shiny can and then we took our cloud of craziness and left.  

Pretty good for five minutes in a potty room, huh Dad?

Oh wait, let's relive my shiny Christmas vacation moment before I go...

Remember when we were having running naked time before bed (me and the Crazies, Daddy... get your mind out of the gutter) and all the sudden you said, "Stop, stop, Sawyer has something brown on his forehead!" and the whole world stood still while you tried to catch me and figure out what it was???

Oh, that was the best!!  A dab of dead leaf applied just so and you and Mommy were running scared.  I got you good.

Never a dull moment, Daddy, never a dull moment.

Have a good first day back, miss you already,

Sawyer, aka- the man behind the first poo scare of 2011

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