Friday, December 31, 2010

When It Rains It Pours...

in a good way.

Craziness is happening here for a few reasons...

1.  I have been on the computer, undisturbed, for so many hours that my eyes are crossing.

2.  I'm guest posting over at Multiples and More.

2.  I just received a great award from a very talented Donna over at Write Now Write Later

which I am passing on to Sarah of NaptimeMomTog for being the amazing friend, photographer and blogger that she is.


3.  In my blog hopping daze I visited one of my favorites For the Love of Blogs and found that I AM THE FAB FRIEND which means I may have a few million new visitors today and am feeling major pressure to produce a post to impress everyone.  Seeing that I'm about 5 hours from when my children will awake and my eyes are continuing to cross I think I need to cut my blogging self off and try to post something ingenious tomorrow.

Hi to anyone new stopping by and, of course, in true "me" fashion I just changed my domain name and the layout of my blog and created a facebook page all in way too short of a span of time so if you are having trouble accessing anything on my site just go to www.fourplusanangel.com and it should refresh the page and fix all.

Okay, going to bed now, feeling warm, fuzzy and my head getting bigger by the second from all of this recognition.

WAIT, one more...

4.  I am #30 over at Topmommyblogs.com.  This is crazy, I'm only five spots away from making it to the top 25 and being on the main page of Top Mommy Blogs.  If you like what you read here please click the banner below and vote for me or the button in the upper left hand corner every time you visit.
Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

So when it rains it pours, and then there are rainbows.

There will always be rainbows.

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