Sunday, May 2, 2010

My artists

This morning I was playing with the kids in the spot where many a diaper disaster has occurred.  I will not go into detail about what our diaper disasters or diaper "art work" consist of but let's just say we went through a phase where the second I was out of view the diapers where flying and soon after I was left disinfecting the room while trying not to gag.  Anyway, we were playing at the scene of past crimes and I thought to myself for a moment about how they have not done something gag-worthy in quite a while.

So since this thought crossed my mind just this morning you would think that, when it was time to put Sawyer down for a nap today and they were playing so sweetly together, I would have remembered that brief thought and that fact that I may have jinxed myself and not left them to play.  

Upon my return from putting my sweet little, too-small-to-cause-trouble baby down for a nap I found that not only did they create another diaper disaster, the one who did not have to relieve himself drew on both the pooper and himself AND drew a line to the present left by said pooper just in case I did not see or smell it the moment I entered the room.

So no sweet, aren't my kids cute picture for today.  Just a quick picture of the Crazies that I managed to take in between scrubbing the floor and sanitizing them.  Oh and the artwork does not stop here.  Mr. Artist also drew on two chairs, the kitchen table and a bowl. Pretty crafty, huh?


Erika said...

Although not the best of moments, it reminds me of the sweet innocence of them being that young! Thank you for taking me back in time for a moment today!


Nana said...

Parker has your legs!!!

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