Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Troublemaking 101

There seems to be a new activity going on in our house lately called "Teach your brother how to take the house apart at his level so you don't have to bend down and do it yourself."  

I keep finding Sawyer trailing along behind Parker and, while following, dragging along something that should be elsewhere in the house.  This week Parker taught him how to take the cover off the bottom of the fridge (and continue carrying it while crawling so it is no where near the kitchen when you are done with it), take a hallway door stopper off and how to quickly unload clothes out of your bottom drawer or any laundry basket that your mom has neatly folded them into.  

So earlier today I was brushing my teeth with my sweet little Sawyer at my feet and he pulls himself to stand at my legs and starts poking my leg with the door stopper he had just removed from the wall in the bathroom, ALL BY HIMSELF.  Apparently he has learned to transfer his knowledge to all areas of the house very quickly.  

What a good little student. 

Of course, he does have a very skilled instructor.  

In fact, I'm sure Parker would take anyone under his wing and teach his perfected craft of troublemaking at no charge.
After all, who wouldn't trust their innocent little child to this face.


Nana said...

At this point, I'm thinking you should put all these stories and pics together and become a best selling author. Love my sweet little Parker!

Nancy said...

He looks like Dennis the Menace in this picture and by your description, he seems to have mastered the aert of being a 'menance'.

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