Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Uncle Brett is leaving us to head to Austin for the summer for a great work opportunity.  He came over for the evening tonight to remind us what a great uncle he is and how much we are going to miss him.  The kids had a BLAST and fell asleep the minute I put them down after all of the fun they had.  

Now both of my brothers will be out of state :(  

After I put the kids to bed we were talking about a lot of old memories and I was reminded what great brothers I have.  We had a great time as kids and they have both turned into amazing guys and amazing uncles who have supported me through the roller coaster of a life I have had the last few years, actually the last, well we won't say how many years... they have supported me for a long time :).  

Love you both!
We will miss you Uncle Brett!!!


kbridges said...

Love and miss you too!

Southern Loves said...

My brother is on the other side of the country & we miss him and his wife terribly!!

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