Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Potty Story

At some point last night, when my hands were more than full and no one was wearing a diaper, Parker announced that he had to go potty.  As any mom who has cleaned more than her fair share of pee off the floor would do, I told him to RUN to the potty.  McKenna followed behind him to supervise as always and just as I was wondering if the little boy pee shield was up on the potty, McKenna came out to inform me very seriously that "Parker's pee pee did not go in the potty."

I finished diapering Sawyer and headed in the bathroom.  As I was cleaning a smaller than usual puddle and Parker was emptying the two drops of pee that did make it into the potty into the toilet I looked up at McKenna who concentrating on the whole scene with her hands on her hips and a wet stripe going down her dress from her chest to her knees.

Apparently she was in the line of fire.

I wish, wish, wish the camera was in reach for a picture but I just couldn't get to it.

Here is my picture for today but I had to cheat.  Today was not a good day.  My poor Sawyer was sick and miserable and the only time the doctor could see him was during our coveted naptime so everyone was either sick and crying or tired and crying ALL DAY LONG.  I kind of figured no one needed a sick baby/crabby toddler/frazzled mom picture today and found a cute one from the other day instead.
Keep us in your thoughts that the little sunglass-wearer does not get her brother's virus.  The last time she was sick was when everything went downhill and she lost so much coordination and strength.  She is in rehabilitation now but doctors are still trying to find a diagnosis and until they do we really don't know how her body will respond to another illness so I am hoping that we can keep her healthy!!!!


Anonymous said...

Reading about McKenna's recent problems reminded me of a triplet blog I read. Their son Ian was very sick when he was 9 months old and ended up losing a large amount of his muscle strength. He was eventually diagnosed with post-infectious cerebellitis. This happened over a year ago now and with the aid of physical therapy and braces he seems to have recovered almost completely. If you are interested in reading their story their blog is: http://survivingtriplets.blogspot.com.

Jessica said...

Thanks so much! I actually connected with Ian's mom a while back and what they think McKenna may have is along the same lines as what Ian was diagnosed with. Thanks so much for taking the time to send me their info!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your blog a couple weeks ago when my son was having some mysterious symptoms (exhaustion, fever on and off, extreme limp, arm pain in the mornings). Two weeks ago we were inpatients in the hospital undergoing a ton of tests (we know a lot of things he doesn't have). The PT brought us a walker to go home with. Today he is back in kindergarten, no pain, no limping, no medication and only because I am looking, do I notice that he is a little slow getting in and out of the van. His blood levels are improving or have returned to normal. They said it was probably a post-viral infection and we will probably never know what caused it or why he reacted that way. I hope your little one turns it around as well.

Jill said...

Oh my gosh! I have 3 boys and reading the story about the potty made me laugh so hard! I've cleaned up and been peed on more times than I'd like to admit :(

I hope McKenna stays healthy!!!!

Shiri Briseno said...

Beautiful beautiful family and blog, I just happen to stumble across yours and I am so glad I did, simply beautiful.

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